What are your plans for Jubilee. Are you having a street party or picnic with family or friends?

With Jubilee just around the corner and the weather starting to get warmer it is time to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee in style. Celebrate the Platinum Jubilee weekend with Betterware. we have put together a Jubilee collection to help you prepare for your Jubilee celebrations.

Jubilee Collection

Elasticated Reusable Food Covers 410160

No more plastic bags, plastic wraps or tin foil. The sustainable way to keep and store food fresh for longer. Multi-use and washable, they are more versatile than lids. A set of 4 covers with strong elastic is suitable for different bowl and dish diameters: Small -14 cm Medium - 18 cm Large - 22 cm

Ice Lolly Moulds 4183

Prepare your favourite juice or fruits, pour into moulds and freeze - ice lolly treats are ready perfect for cooling down on a hot day. Ice lolly mould are perfect for using with yogurt too

Food Bag Clips 4353

Practical buckles for sealing bags filled with food that you want to store in a cupboard, freezer or fridge. Seal batch cooked and home made meals in the freezer or fridge or sealing bag while having a picnic with friends or family

Lunch bag 410009

Carry your meal in style in this handy insulated lunch bag with a lunch box and ice pack to make a complete on the go lunch set. Great for packed lunches, picnics and snacks; for work, school or pleasure.

Penguin Cooling Blocks 4193

Betterware's popular Cool Coolers Ice Packs are now available in a variety of colourful shapes! Even after all these years, they're still the appropriate size for all kinds of lunch bags and boxes plus they are a cute designs

Food Container Set 410171

The Set of 3 round containers are great for storage and stack inside each other when not being used. Use these containers for anything from leftovers, salad, and lunches.

list of ideas for your jubilee party

Her Majesty's reign is being celebrated around the country as she approaches the momentous milestone of 70 years on the throne! If you're throwing a Platinum Jubilee celebration over the long weekend, we've compiled a list of the greatest family jubilee party ideas to get you started!

Only the best finger foods are served!

With a delicate assortment of sandwiches and delectable pastries, recreate a Royal Garden Party. Draw inspiration from the Royal Kitchens, where the egg mayonnaise toast points look scrumptious!

Coronation chicken was made for a feast in 1953 to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II's coronation. As a result, it would be a great accent to any Jubilee party table!

Corgi Relay Races at the Jubilee Games!

Use the great British culture of School Sports Day as inspiration! You could do a tug of war, an egg and spoon race, a sack race, or a three-legged race, but since we all know how much the Queen adores her corgis, I propose Corgi Relay Races!

Divide the participants into two teams for the Corgi Relay Races. Each group forms a line in front of a dog's bed. Place two sets of clean dog toys a few feet away from the dog's beds. Teams must race on all fours to retrieve the dog toys and carry them back corgi-style (in their mouths) to the beds in a relay-style race. The race is won by the team that has all of their toys in their bed first!

What are your thoughts? If someone attempts this, we would love to see the photos — please post them in the comments or on our social media platforms.

So, whether you are having a street party or a picnic with family and friends. From all of us here at Betterware we hope you have a great Platinum Jubilee weekend.

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