Get ready for Cupcake Day!

We have all you need to celebrate Cupcake Day on 17th August.

The cake is a representation of friendship, peace, and understanding between nations.

Each Cupcake Day has also had a theme. Previous themes have included Garden of Love, Planet of Love, Parade of the Planets, Visiting the Fairy Tale, and Space.

How should Cupcake Day be observed? There are many options; all you need to do is choose one or more. You can throw a tea party for your friends, go to a course on cake design, a fair featuring confections, or a cake tasting, experiment with new cake recipes, or at the very least, reward yourself with a piece of delectable cake because cake improves everything.

Here at Betterware we all enjoy baking cupcakes because they cook quickly (typically in 15-20 minutes) and can be frosted quickly after they have cooled. A celebration or gathering can benefit from even the most basic cupcakes!

Cupcakes are simple to make from scratch, and the team here have been making them for many years now using the same tried-and-true recipe.

To make things simpler, though, some of the team are not afraid to use boxed cake mixes. Even if you don't have a baking bone in your body, there are so many amazing cake mix flavour's available that you can make a batch of cupcakes without any problems.

Bake your cupcakes in our 6 Cup Muffin Tin (410138)

Silicone Cupcake Cases (410279)

decorate them with the Piping Tool (410166)

transport them safely with the Cupcake Container (410176).

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